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Avelyn is your gateway to exceptional wines, sourced directly from devoted winemakers. Our platform grants access to a diverse selection of remarkable wines from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and beyond. With over 1,500 winemakers involved, you'll encounter the true essence of craftsmanship as we cut out middlemen and establish a direct link to the source.

Yet, Avelyn is more than just a marketplace. It's an expedition of exploration, immersing you in the world of winemaking. Uncover winemaker profiles, plan immersive tours, and even order your favored wines directly from the vineyard. Sustainability is also a priority, with our wines available in lightweight cans that minimize carbon emissions while preserving wine excellence.

Join us in uncovering exceptional wines, connecting with impassioned winemakers, and embracing sustainability. Avelyn – where wines and moments become unforgettable.