We want to make the worlds great wines and experiences available for everyone


Seamlessly engage with European wine consumers through fully compliant Direct-To-Consumer sales

Whether you are a passionate wine enthusiast or a dedicated winemaker, Avelyn.com is here to connect you to a world of exceptional wines and unforgettable experiences.

Avelyn will be launched in October 2023

We are your gateway to exceptional wines, sourced directly from passionate winemakers.

Our platform provides access to a diverse selection of notable wines from Italy, Spain, France, Germany to wine lovers from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. Soon we will add Norway, Finland and Switzerland.

Our Mission

Founded in 2023, Avelyn’s aim is that wine lovers can access a wide selection of high-quality wines at great value.

The acquisition of Winejump.com further strengthened Avelyn's mission to connect consumers directly with winemakers, fostering a closer relationship and promoting transparency in the wine industry.

"We are thrilled to welcome Winejump.com into the Avelyn family," said Anders Ibsen, CEO of Avelyn. "This acquisition aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing great wines and experiences to our customers. Winejump.com brings valuable knowledge and a strong network of winemakers, which will undoubtedly enrich our platform and enable us to reach new heights in the wine industry. Most importantly, winejump.com brings important technology to enable cross-border logistics and doorstep delivery to our customers."

"We are excited about this strategic acquisition and the growth opportunities it presents for Avelyn," stated Thomas Winther, former CEO of Winejump.com. "By joining forces with Avelyn, we can leverage our expertise in the online wine market to provide an even better experience for customers. Together, we will continue to revolutionise the way people discover, purchase, and enjoy wines, empowering winemakers and wine enthusiasts alike."

Additionally, the expertise brought by Thomas Winther and his experienced team from Winejump.com will greatly enhance Avelyn's capabilities in toll compliance and cross-border logistics within the wine industry. With their deep understanding of the complexities involved in international wine transportation, customs regulations, and tax compliance, Avelyn will be able to streamline the process of delivering wines directly to customers' doorsteps across the EU. This valuable knowledge ensures that Avelyn maintains a seamless and efficient supply chain, allowing customers to enjoy their favourite wines without any hassle or delay.

With over 1,500 winemakers involved by now, you'll encounter the true essence of craftsmanship as we cut out middlemen and establish a direct link to the source.

Stay tuned!

Wine Tourism

Yet, Avelyn is more than just a marketplace. It's an expedition of exploration, immersing you in the world of winemaking. Uncover winemaker profiles, plan immersive tours, and even order your favored wines directly from the vineyard.

Join us in uncovering exceptional wines, connecting with impassioned winemakers, and embracing sustainability. Avelyn – where wines and moments become unforgettable.


Sustainability is also a priority, with our wines available in lightweight cans that minimize carbon emissions while preserving wine excellence. We're Avelyn, committed to Earth. Our innovative solutions tackle CO2 emissions. Experience our lightweight canned wines, cutting carbon footprint. Traditional bottles emit 7x more emissions. With 13g cans, your cherished wines maintain quality. Join us in celebrating wine's beauty, sustainability, and cross-border convenience. Choose Avelyn, where great wines thrive sustainably.


Behind Avelyn.com, a dedicated team of wine enthusiasts and industry innovators is redefining how you experience wine. With diverse skills and shared passion, we curate exceptional wines, create seamless buying experiences, and connect you with the heart of winemaking.

At Avelyn, we're not just a team; we're a dynamic blend of passionate marketing geeks and seasoned wine experts who share a deep love for all things wine. Our team is a harmonious fusion of creativity, expertise, and dedication, all working together to bring you an unparalleled wine experience.

Our minds are like a canvas, painting your wine journey with vibrant ideas and strategies. From crafting compelling stories that bring each bottle to life, to curating captivating visuals that evoke the essence of every sip, our marketing geeks are masters of their craft. They're the driving force behind our innovative campaigns, ensuring that your interaction with Avelyn goes beyond a mere transaction, turning it into an unforgettable memory.

Passionate oenophile at heart, our wine expert will be your guide through the intricate world of wine. With a wealth of knowledge spanning varietals, terroirs, and tasting notes, they're here to demystify the art of wine selection. Whether you're a novice eager to embark on your first wine adventure or a seasoned connoisseur seeking a rare gem, our experts have an uncanny ability to match your preferences with the perfect bottle.

When you engage with Avelyn, you're not just buying wine – you're entering a world of expertise, creativity, and innovation. We don't just sell wine; we curate moments, elevate celebrations, and turn ordinary occasions into extraordinary memories.

Whether it's the joy of discovering a new favorite, the excitement of an exclusive release, or the satisfaction of finding the perfect pairing, we're here to make your journey with us remarkable.

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