Launching in October 2023, unlocks European markets for wineries

Dear Existing Producers

We would like to express our gratitude for your continued partnership and we would like to assure you that your trust and loyalty is greatly appreciated.

We would like to assure you that the WineJump terms under which you originally signed up remain unchanged. This means that you will continue to enjoy all the privileges, features and terms agreed upon during your initial registration. We believe that consistency and transparency are key to building lasting relationships, and we are committed to upholding these principles.

Dear New Producers

We're excited to welcome more wineries aboard, as a wider selection entices more customers to choose as their preferred platform for purchasing wines.

We currently expect to be able to welcome new wineries on board from 15 October 2023.

Would you like to reach +300 Mio consumers?

Sell & ship wines from Italy, Spain, France, Germany and soon Switzerland direct to consumers in:

 Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden

Soon we add Norway, Finland and Switzerland

In 2024 many more EU/EEA countries.

Overview of the inaugural suite of Avelyn services tailored specifically for your winery

Stay tuned for forthcoming additions to our offerings


Exclusive Direct-to-Consumer Wine Distribution Solution

Avelyn Marketplace is a dedicated platform for custom compliant direct-to-consumer wine distribution across 12 EU/EEA countries, expanding to 30+. 

Access an audience of 300M (growing to 500M by 2024). Exclusivity zones are respected, and consumer data is shared. Elevate your brand with targeted marketing.

Easy access to the winery's EU store

Avelyn introduces a unique QR code for wineries. Scan it with a smartphone or tablet to instantly access your webshop, showcasing your chosen wines. Customers can explore, gather info, and purchase, with deliveries across supported EU/EEA countries.

Versatile Tool: Use the QR code for tastings and events, capturing orders effortlessly.

Elevate your winery's reach with Avelyn's QR code—seamless shopping, anytime, anywhere.

Sales Point

For winery visitors who want to take the experience home, Avelyn provides a stand to a tablet for easy orders. 

We handle invoicing, shipping, customs, and more. Just pack the order and signal us—it's that simple.

Seamless Experience: Avelyn collects customer info, ensuring satisfaction.

Continue Shopping: After leaving, customers can explore more via the EU shop or marketplace. Streamline sales with Avelyn.

Please how it works. Winery La Querce

EU Web-Shop

Effortlessly connect with European consumers through legal, direct-to-consumer sales. Elevate your current web shop or adopt Avelyn's sleek website and integrated store, tailored to embody your winery's unique brand, style, and tone.

Simple Setup: Share winery info, wines, prices, and locations. Avelyn handles invoicing, shipping, and customs.

Regulation Made Easy: Avelyn takes care of taxes, duties, and reporting for destination countries.

Direct Connections: Engage private consumers, businesses, and HoReCa across Europe, while reflecting your winery's identity. Experience direct sales with Avelyn.

It's so easy to onboard

Step 1
Get a Plan

Sell & ship as you like direct to consumers in up to 9 European countries.

Step 2
Create a Profile

With a plan you get access to create a profile. Enter countries you want to sell to, your order pick-up location and your bank account to pay into.  

Step 3
Upload Wines

Enter your wines (incl. pics, vintage, prices etc.).

Make changes anytime such as when you change vintage or have a new wine to sell.

Sell & Ship

In most cases it takes less than 1 hour to create a profile and enter wines.

Then you are ready to sell & ship direct to consumers in Europe!

Here's the process for handling orders once they are received:

1) Get the order

  • Order management and billing.
  • No additional administration or accounting needed.

2) Get paid

  • Secure payments.
  • 7-day payout.
  • No creditcard subscription needed.

3) Click to ship

  • Print the Avelyn shipping label and customs document.
  • Order pickup. No shipping subscription needed.

4) No tax work

  • Excise duties and VAT reported and paid by Avelyn. 
  • No customs and tax work needed.

Be a part of our journey!

If you're interested in learning about the prerequisites for selling your wines directly to consumers' doorsteps, feel free to contact us at [email protected]