Invest in Avelyn: The Future of Direct-to-Consumer in the Wine Industry

Welcome to Avelyn's Investor Page – where innovation meets wine. Established in 2023, Avelyn is reshaping the wine industry by linking wine enthusiasts directly with winemakers.

Our mission is to revolutionize traditional wine distribution, enabling consumers to access exceptional wines directly from vineyards. This strategy ensures transparency, authenticity, and exceptional value.

Partnered with 1,500+ winemakers, Avelyn's innovative platform forms a global marketplace, offering remarkable wines from renowned regions.

Why invest in Avelyn:

  • Untapped Potential: The direct-to-consumer wine market is primed for growth. Avelyn's tech-centric approach is positioned to seize a substantial market share.
  • Unique Offering: Avelyn provides customers with connections to winemakers, tours, and hands-on experiences. It's a comprehensive solution for wine enthusiasts.
  • Sustainability: Avelyn champions eco-friendly practices, introducing wine cans to reduce carbon emissions. Invest in a company that values both the planet and exceptional wine experiences.
  • Expert Leadership: Our management fuses wine and e-commerce expertise, propelling Avelyn toward rapid expansion.

Investing in Avelyn means joining an innovative journey. Your support enhances our platform, broadens our reach, and cements Avelyn as the ultimate destination for wine enthusiasts.

For details on investment opportunities, contact our Investor Relations team (Andes Ibsen). Let's transform the wine industry together.

Invest in Avelyn and redefine the wine experience.